Sermons on Holiday

Sermons on Holiday

“God’s Man”

Enjoy our 2021 Christmas Production “God’s Man”. Bob desires to be God’s Man at Christmas time, but when God knocks, will he open the door?

Thanksgiving – Key to a Better Life (Part 2)

This week we reviewed the second half of the Blessing Blockers. Be sure to review all to make sure you are not blocking blessings in your life. Blessing Blockers:1. Entitlement2. Wrong Focus3. Amnesia4. Fear5. Competition6. Self-Focus7. Ungratefulness

Thanksgiving – Key to a Better Life

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” Saint Ambrose How much gratitude do you have in your life? Take the questionnaire with Pastor Rodney and then review three of seven Blessing Blockers.

Standing Against the Darkness

Pastor Rodney speaks about the strategies of the enemy. The top 2 are: Deception and Temptation. Satan could not curse Adam and Eve. He could only get them to disobey. And he did that through deceiving them and tempting them.
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