Sermons on Family

Sermons on Family

Why We Fast

Join us sundown Sunday January 3 to sundown Sunday January 24 for 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Pastor Rodney speaks about Why We Fast and the different types of Fasting. 2021 Prayer and Fasting Guide Download our Prayer and Fasting Guide here.

Gifts From Wise Men

Pastor Rodney begins the series of Gifts From Wise Men focusing on the anticipation of Jesus’ arrival and prioritizing our time with God.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Studies show that people who are Grateful feel better about their lives as a whole! Pastor Rodney goes over the many benefits of having gratitude in our lives.

The War for the Souls of Men (Part 1)

We find ourselves living in a time when Spiritual Contrasts could not be greater. Sin and Darkness unthinkable to the darkest recesses of the Babylon, Greece, or Rome has been made possible in our generation.

Commissioning Service

New season calls for a new name! We are excited about the amazing things God is doing in our church. As we move into our next chapter, we have selected a name that fits this season. Beginning September 13, 2020 Destiny Outreach has become Allegiant Church & Creative Ministries! This new name will encompass all we feel God is calling us to do in today’s culture. We would like to thank the many guests that join us for our special…
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